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Wow… the electric guitar just PLOWS through the speakers on Run For Your Life MONO VINYL. #beatlesmonovinyl Great mix on this one.


Believers: all the proof you ever needed lies in the bass line of "Dear Prudence" #beatlesmonovinyl


Just for a moment, John Lennon was in my front room. Julia #beatlesmonovinyl


Time to fix my old record player. God, this sounds so good. Just take my money already! #beatlesmonovinyl


Only records I listen to are of @thebeatles in MONO!!!! #beatlesmonovinyl


George's Long Long Long is simply jaw dropping on this mono analogue LP. I'm floored. #beatlesmonovinyl


The Beatles in Mono. (And now I can die) #beatlesmonovinyl



Pepper ~ the revelation of #beatlesmonovinyl set. Always been on the fence, but this has sealed it. Mono by far superior. #theBeatles


I am in awe of how good this album sounds in the new mono set. #beatlesmonovinyl #beatlesforsale


"Love You To" on vinyl is impossibly more brilliant! #beatlesmonovinyl
 #GeorgeHarrison #TheBeatles #Revolver


Does GIRL by the BEATLES sound good in MONO VINYL or what? The bass just freaking soars through the speakers. #beatlesmonovinyl 


Enjoying the new box set! Sounds fantastic! Thanks to everyone involved for doing it right. #BeatlesMonoVinyl #analog


@thebeatles My dad bought the #beatlesmonovinyl collection and we've been listening to it non-stop :) :)


the mono remaster of Revolver sounds soooo good; this is bliss. #nowspinning #beatlesmonovinyl


More mono loveliness to enjoy. More sonic revelations. #beatlesmonovinyl


Remastered Beatles mono vinyl sounds amazing! Will crank this when kids aren't asleep! #beatlesmonovinyl #daddyissues


#beatlesmonovinyl best vinyl reissue of the year, maybe of the decade.


Happiness is a warm vinyl @thebeatles #TheBeatles #BeatlesMonoVinyl #EverythingIWantedAndMore


We Filipinos still luvs @thebeatles


Thanks to my dad, who's English, we've had EVERY vinyl ever made since they came out! Smartest dad EVER. #PRICELESS #beatlesmonovinyl


It's been a wonderful journey through the #Beatles #Mono box set - finest box set of all time. A masterpiece. #beatlesmonovinyl @thebeatles


Rediscovering the Beatles catalog on #beatlesmonovinyl . They sound so sweet!


And Your Bird Can Sing - heard this 100's of times, just noticed the clapping! #beatlesmonovinyl


Best release this year? Easy! #BeatlesMonoVinyl (closely followed by George's The Apple Years), It's a good life.


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