The Beatles Effect In 1965 Was Having Quite An Impact On The Homefront


To a little bit of Duck Soup, add a fair amount of James Bond, a dollop of the Goon Show and then season heavily with the The Beatles. What do you get?

- This is one of the iconic scenes from the 1965 film Help! - a film that perhaps reflects the particular combination of familiarity and other-worldliness that was a big part of who The Beatles were, for many people. 

Derek Taylor, The Beatles' Press Officer, gives an insight into both where the Beatles were at and where they were going, around the time they were making their second film:

"These were the years of dash and daring. Sweeping out of the final (and wonderfully old-fashioned) 1964 family Christmas Shows into the wider world of 1965, The Beatles would soon find themselves figureheads of a movement far beyond "pop" where a counter-culture / alternative society was made flesh. National boundaries were presumed to be doomed. Millions of minds were to become expanded and many trousers would soon be spandex.

...Though the music would continue to pour out of them breaking in great waves over uncharted, challenging Reason and warming the heart, the Beatles would tire of those great sweating stadiums where they now played to screaming crowds who could no longer hear them."

At the beginning of this scene, a couple of ladies get to deliver some excellent commentary on The Beatles general effect on the public at the time...

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