Abbey Road's Mastering Engineer Talks Us Through The Process Of Restoring The Beatles For Vinyl


There are big differences between the new Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set and the CD remasters that came out in 2009. Sean Magee (Abbey Road's Remastering Engineer) has won a Grammy award for his work as part of The Beatles remastering team. Speaking to the Beatles Examiner, he puts the significance and differences between the two projects like this:

“I don't like comparing the vinyl and the CDs. They're different media and one's been limited and one hasn't. I think the limited ones did very well for CD and is right and proper that they were done like that. But for vinyl, it wasn't the thing to do. (...) I think with these vinyls you're getting something closer to the original master tapes, the sound that they wanted. Less compromises have been made. You make a lot of compromises when cutting records (...) What was necessary was to get the remasters onto vinyl with the least amount of compromise."

Bob Santelli (Executive Director of the Grammy Museum) interviewed Sean Magee at Capitol Studios, asking him about what working on the project involved. 

In these five clips from their conversation, Sean talks us through everything from a typical working day on the project to the most difficult track to nail - and how they knew when they'd finally got a a cut right.

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