In 1967, This Was The Only Way You Could Watch The Beatles - NPR Reviews 1s


"It was a moment of television magic. I heard a brand new song from my favorite band and saw them on film, walking around and riding horses. If the expression "my mind was blown" had been created, I'd have phoned up my friends and told them that. All I can remember saying to my friends after seeing The Beatles' "Penny Lane" film is, "That was boss!" And now that film is back and more beautiful than ever.

It may be hard to comprehend, but as famous as The Beatles were in 1967, they were often heard but rarely seen. They'd stopped touring in the summer of 1966, bored by not being able to hear themselves on stage and not able to produce the sort of music they were beginning to create. In fact, Revolver came out just before the final tour and the group didn't play a single song off that record. You rarely saw current pictures of the band anywhere..."

NPR's Bob Boilen remembers the first time he saw (and heard) Penny Lane as one of the 'fondest moments' of his youth. Read the rest of his piece, here.

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