About Me: 
To me the Beatles are a symbol, a true symbol of a time most icebreakingly beautiful. The divine force of nature which they represent will be forever hold and brought to light as an epic tale for generations to come. It is the true incarnation of the ideas of so many artists influencing the history. I heard a story once told by an old Indian chip, he said the force of nature is ok, I will not retell the entire story but.. He said there is old evidence, that kings of great Power had ways of cleanansing the criminals With rocks of ice. They in fact believed that every individual has a soul, and a port per say, and the potential can in each tesis be unlocked, when the complexity of emotions behind are balanced. Now the road to that discovery is very demanding, and observing the mind is painful since you are in many cases unable to change what you observe so clearly, but at times you feel the light, Your thought streem is unhibited and you just let go. It is pretty much like the Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows. The rocks of ice are not literal, they are Methods for provoking the mind enabling meditation, allowing the mind to let go of outside influence. The pollution we are all infected with, some to a greater degree than others, which spirals the repetitive behavior into a jam. It is however one thing to look at something in an analytical way, it is something completely different to actually influence it. The ugly duckling didn't turn into a swan before it had gone through harsh criticism, and criticism in reality always comes from within.
Favourite Track: 
Baby's In Black (BFS)
Tell us why: 
I'm feeling blue.. It's another song about feelings. You could grow really tired of them, but they represent an energy of the core, meaning the self. I will not Accept that feelings are merely coming from the ego. Feelings are the energy which you use to improve yourself, meaning it's ok to care a little, that's enables you development. You can Call it the meat, the hunger we have for enlightenment. The greatest Source for inspiration is perhaps the spark of consciousness we experience when we aknowledge mortality, and perhaps also a strong Connection to another soul. The epos which evolves in such encounters, unravels you, ulocks you, explains the unexplainable. The numerous attempts from outside influences are such as jealousy tests, provoking anger, showing how you can't split yourself or time and have everything you want. Well I say, I don't want what someone wont give me willingly. As you can see in many of the Beatles songs, the entire heartbreak is due to the fact that the hunger is so strong, they want to own and crush the person so much that there is no individual left in the end. It's all a game, and I know, but I happen to feel the same in reality as I do in my dreams. I think in the game of life we all take on different roles, and we trick eachothers minds with this. We pretend not to be what we really are, animals. I love hey bulldog, it's such a nice way to compare ourselves with animals, just like when a dog sobs as softly as he can, we all know he just wants some treat...
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