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THE NEW INFORMATION (IMPORTANT): I am the representative of the political party for the preparation the new International Day of the UN. For the Light memory of John Lennon and to reach the goals of the UN in the same time (all Humanity). Currently the page with the preparation of the International UN Day is changed. Link to the new page is located here: http://www.wsis-community.org/pg/blog/read/1424356/project-international-day-of-peace-via-arts (instead the old page). The WSIS is the resource of UNESCO. The project has title: the «International Day of Peace via Arts». Now we seek interaction with people and organizations, which have the direct relation to John Lennon (Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and so on). Everybody, who reads this text and has possibility: we ask you notify the former members of The Beatles. Thank you!
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She Loves You (Past Masters)
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Rubber Soul
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