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I remember being pretty nervous on most occasions in the recording studio, but very excited; a nervous excitement. It was fantastic to be in Abbey Road.


We weren't even allowed into the control room, then. It was Us and Them. They had white shirts and ties in the control room, they were grown-ups. In the corridors and back rooms there were guys in full-length lab coats, maintenance men and engineers, and then there was us, the tradesmen. We came in through the tradesman's entrance and were helped by the lower people in the organisation to set up our stuff. (…) We gradually became the workmen who took over the factory. In the end, we had the run of the whole building.


Oh god this is it, a piece of plastic. And this piece of plastic was like gold, you know. You'd sell your soul. You would sell your soul to get on that little record.


Some of it came from his schooldays, from the Daily Howl, a comic full of his jokes and avant-garde poetry, but a lot of the book was new. It turned up in A Hard Day's Night. That was the best plug you could have for a book - to put it in a hit movie.



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