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A must-own for music and art fans alike.


A beautiful illustration of an amazing life.

Sunday Mirror

A new book compiles touching, unornamented artwork from the icon's life outside of music. Its sketches are minimalist, emotional, funny and charming.

Rolling Stone

Congratulations to Ringo on his induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


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"As all the other drummers say, he just is something so special. When he’s playing behind you, you see these other bands, they’re looking around at the drummer, like, is he going to speed up, is he going to slow down? You don’t have to look with Ringo.

It’s a great honour for me to be able to induct him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland tonight!”

Read Ringo and Paul's speeches at his induction.

See photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the induction on ringostarr.com

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On September 10th, 1963, John and Paul visited the Rolling Stones while they were rehearsing in the studio - and wound up writing "I Wanna Be Your Man" whilst they were there. The song features on With The Beatles, but the band also gave it to the Stones, who recorded it a month later and released it on November 1st, that year.

"Mick Jagger and Keith Richards would later credit being able to watch Lennon and McCartney that day with giving them a greater understanding of how to write a song." (- Ultimate Classic Rock)

You can read more about how The Beatles ended up writing for the Stones  in this article.

Paul McCartney to bring his ‘Out There’ tour to Europe in 2015


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Paul McCartney to bring his ‘Out There’ tour to Europe in 2015.  In the first 18 months since its launch, Paul’s incredible ‘Out There’ tour has been seen by almost two million people around the world. So far, this tour has seen Paul and his band perform a total of 64 shows in 12 different countries in venues of all different shapes and sizes. 

"I’m looking forward to taking the ‘Out There’ tour back to Europe this summer. It’s been a little while since I’ve performed in some of these places so we know it’s going to be a fun tour. I hope the audiences enjoy this tour as much as we’ve been enjoying it ourselves all over the world."

Check paulmccartney.com for latest ticket information

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They have a commonplace, rather dull act that hardly seems to merit mentioning. 

Washington Post


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