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PAUL: "We had to get up about six o'clock in the morning, you know, sometimes. Which is... oh... I'm sure it's not good for anyone, that. It's very bad for your health."
Q: "Who combed your hair so early in the morning?"
RINGO: "We did. We all combed our... well, we don't actually comb it, we shake it."
PAUL: "It's the easiest way, you know. You just sort of shake it, it falls forward and you sort of comb it a little bit then, and it normally works out okay." 


(- From the press conference for the film.)

The Beatles Singles Lithograph Collection


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We are proud to announce the launch of The Beatles’ Singles Lithograph Collection, a curated collection of single sleeves from around the world.

Limited to a worldwide edition size of only 400 per print, each print will measure 20” x 20”, and available only at TheBeatles.com.

Each print will feature one of the band’s classic single sleeves drawn from the many international versions, some of which have not been seen since their original release in the ’60’s.

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There is a rude and revealing energy to his art. As Yoko Ono writes in her introduction, John 'always brought fresh air' to any medium he was working on.

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