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'The Nation’s Favourite Beatles Number One' Wednesday, ITV, 8pm.


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“The Beatles are a band that have defined popular culture and music for decades and so we're thrilled to be celebrating their hits on ITV. Everyone's got a favourite Beatles number one - but which is yours and which will be the nation's?” - Commissioning Editor, Priya Singh.

The Nation’s Favourite Beatles Number One will tell the stories behind some of the greatest Beatles songs ever. With interviews from Beatles’ insiders including musicians, friends, fellow performers and celebrity fans, we’ll hear about the stories behind the Fab Four’s best-loved hits.

These are the stories behind the 27 songs that reached number one here and in the U.S – from She Loves You to Let it Be – as the show hears from the people who were there to witness in person the extraordinary rise and rise of The Beatles.

Across 120 minutes, this prime-time celebration of the biggest and most influential band the world has ever seen uses archive from a number of sources, including rare and exclusive footage from the Beatles’ company Apple Corps.

“It’s extraordinary to think that The Beatles’ output changed so dramatically within seven years – these are 27 songs that chart that extraordinary revolution in popular music”. - Executive Producer, Mark Robinson
Wednesday, ITV, 8pm.

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"[Goldmann] had the inspired idea of patching in self-taken footage of Liverpool with its green buses, street scenes and mounted police, which freed up the process and gave the whole event a sense of perspective. The Beatles no longer had to mime any words, which opened the door for the limitless potential of modern video; they now appeared in miniature movies with one of their songs as its soundtrack."  - Mark Ellen 

#thebeatles1 is the story of how The Beatles changed music, and the music business, forever...

The Beatles' videos and top hits come together for the first time, celebrating the sight and sound of The Beatles  in 50 films and videos. 

The 27-track CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray pairs beautifully restored videos for each song, with new stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS HD surround audio mixes. The brand new Beatles 1+ celebrates their career in over 200 minutes through 50 promotional films and videos. This includes the 27 No.1s, with the restored videos, along with a second disc of 23 videos, including alternate versions, as well as rarely seen and newly restored films and videos; all include new audio mixes in deluxe CD/2-DVD and CD/2-Blu-ray packages. The 27-track audio CD is also being made available with new stereo mixes. A 2 LP, 180-gram vinyl package will follow.

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