The Beatles Effect In 1965 Was Having Quite An Impact On The Homefront


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Help! has been regarded by many as a parody of contemporary Bond films, complete with power-crazy despots, mad inventors, and capers through exotic locations like the Bahamas and the snowy mountains of Austria. It has also been credited as the forerunner to contemporary rock musicals and pop videos. Here, we sneak a look at The Beatles at 'home', at a time when they were conquering the world.

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What's Your Favorite Ever Beatles Performance?


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From The Cavern to Shea Stadium, Bradford to the Philippines - The Beatles played all kinds of gigs, recorded all kinds of performances. If you had to pick just one, which would be your your favorite, and why? In the comments, tell us what the ultimate Beatles performance was, for you - and what you like about it.

Better still, if you were actually there, transport us back with you! - Tell us what we wouldn't otherwise know about it or couldn't have seen?

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